Relationship With Religion

Over the course of this semester I have talk within this blog about the changes that are currently happening within our society. From the changes within our relationship, to the relationships we have with others and how certain groups are being portrayed. Since this is the last week for mandatory blog posts I have decided […]

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Personal Rant…

When I say sorority girl whats the first thing you thing of? Well I urban dictionary’ed it and here yea go: sorority girl a slutty high-maintenance cliquey bitch for whom drama is a kind of oxygen. This is the kind of girl who actively enjoys judging other girls for their worthiness and keeps a tight […]

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Dear Elders, I’m sorry.

Dear Elders, I’m sorry. If anyone know the video “Dear Elders, I’m Sorry” you will recognize the picture of a pretty blonde girl sitting in her nice comfy car. She goes on in a continuous rant about how her generation is failing society.  With this blog I wanted to talk about certain types of culture […]

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